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Poster: alifafa Date: Nov 27, 2008 6:36am
Forum: iraq_war Subject: Re: Question!!!

hallo NoiseCollector

I think you understood me wrong ,wenn i sad "with the same content" I meant that the videos are from iraq war like the first one , but the videos are not the same (some of the videos are the same because I have made from each video a different size so the people in the arabic lands can download it if they dont have a fast internet connection ) !!!

and another think,this is WAR and in war the people kill each other !! or not??

I mean the american soldiers kill people to, and they laugh wen they do that !

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Nov 27, 2008 8:47am
Forum: iraq_war Subject: Re: Question!!!

Ahhhh, well perhaps those same videos where uploaded by someone else. The moderators go through lots of duplicate stuff and not everyone is as courteous and polite and taking that extra step to use google translator (it works great I know, I know everything...). The descriptions are lacking due to the language barrier.

Also tell your friends to stop using realmedia, it blows. I know you might be on dialup or something silly like that but create a low bitrate mpeg so everyone can see them. No one uses real player or winamp anymore, they are kind of like AOL and 56k modems if you know what I mean ;)

Back to the topic, I agree about war and killing being funny, I love the startled look on a mans face who is just driving along unarmed and pulled out of his vehicle and shot in the back, that is honorable battle in any man's heart. You could tell he knew he was going to get whacked, it was like that look on Joe Pesci's face just before he realized he was about to get it. Like, "aww damn, not this shit again". Hilarious. Luckily for you we are desensitized to this stuff and don't even flinch anymore so we enjoy the more creative and artistic elements of these vides. Love the new production values by the way and I am seeing more viewable formats, keep up the good work!

As for "war footage"... To fight somone head on with words or weapons is boring, if you are brave, you should sneak up on them and kill them, especially the women and children, it is much more dramatic and full of suspense. Like a slasher film versus a war film. Saving Ryans Privates was an awesome movie, up to the part where the Jew killing nazi's lost, that part always sucks, but isn't it more fun to watch jason vorhees terrorise someone? Especially young "not so innocent" girls if you know what I mean ;) love it, gotta have it, not gonna take no for an answer, show me some love.

Our government thinks we are stupid with all those tax dollars going to high precision munitions and smart bombs to not "kill anyone" that "doesn't deserve it". We full well know the truth about that crap, huh? Collateral damage my bacon grease drenched ass, we intentionally waste bullets on innocents to purposely enrage the local population so they stay mad at us and never get down to getting their shiite in gear. That way we can prolong an unpopular war and intentionally lower our reputation in the eyes of our best friends like germany, russia and china. Folks that would never want us to fail for any reason or they would be lost without our guidance and support in world events.

Being popular and loved abroad by those that love, hate and envy you alike is where it's it. As Sun Tzu boldly proclaimed:

To gain the admiration of your enemy and lose
Is better than winning, especially if you are right

And this classic:

I saw a fork in the road
And I took it

Me retarded brother used to hate you guys but I have a strange affinity for someone who finds humor in corpses exploding unexpectedly. I have made some neat songs using this material and am working on a future music video project you might find humorous, if you have an open mind.

Nothing funnier than an unarmed man being shot in the back for rejecting a religion, that is freedom and humanity at it's finest. I look forward to more, especially after the occupation forces leave! Please accept my gratitude and also please honor my request to get that "noisecollector sucks" thing into one of the videos, I got a bunch of europeans to do it and I am sure you would agree it would be most humurous. Here it is if the translation is not sufficient. Please download the wav file, I sampled it down to 16bit for you.

I used to watch "faces of death", have you ever seen that one? Try dropping a few nasty blotter's and sitting through those videos, real horror show my droogie. I would also suggest watching "pink flamingos" on acid as well. If that doesn't send you over the edge while dosing, nothing will. I know it personally caused a few friends to go light in the loafers for weeks, bad hippies.

I am so sick of all these "peace this" and "no war" that carp over here. I am sure you get annoyed when people protest in skimpy clothes, dress up like madonna and chant slogans with stinking armpit hair and open legs in your town. I bet they are more nervous than our protestors are because we never see your pro-peace protests on TV. Are they afraid to protest your side being involved? I think that is how it's supposed to work, our protestors basically protest us being over there and your protestors protest you shooting people in the back of the head and decapitating evil journalist and apostate aid workers trying to force food and water down hungry childrens mouths, blasphemy! My tax dollars and me fellow empire's charitable contributions wasted on food and medicine when they should be going towards bullets and well poison to keep you and I laughing and cheerful! I love the way the mujahadeen fight. it's not cowardly and disgusting and our army is not there for oil. This is two consenting adults playing a game of sneak of drive by they ass because they spell god different. Word up.

So anyway, you guys aren't using the oil and we both agree that war is good for the kids but why not just let us have the oil and stop chopping off innocent people's heads off?
We will pay you for it, crap probably employ more of your people than anyone else in the country but you know, that's just another evil thing we do, create jobs and build infrastructure and pave roads and allow freedom of speech and let poeple post videos like yours and mine. I heard some countries wouldn't dare let us do this would they? They must be retarded, right? Thank god you live in san francisco and have access to the archive!

I hope since I took the time to enjoy your videos that you will check out some of my songs as well. I am sure you will dig them:

Please let me know if you like any of them as much as I enjoyed your videos!

(silly part to follow, you'll get the punch line torwards the end!)

Oh and one last thing, I happen to be an heir to an estate in another country who's tax laws are very restrictive. I am friends with Mr Bernanke who advised me that contacting you would be of benevolence and peace to all concerned. I require your assistance in this matter and am willing to compensate you severely.

I will send you a carton of homemade windscreens for digital field recorders, this matter is of the utmost urgency as you can imagine. I wish for you to be my partner and sell them for 5$, anything more you can keep as your commission. I will be sending you a cheezy winning certificate from publishers clearing house as collateral to show my sincere intention to bless us both in this pressing transaction.

Mr Miogi will be contacting you and meeting you at the airport, please wear the provided pink fur shawl to identify yourself and remember the codeword is "aardvark", I trust that you will use the utmost discretion as the Dutch investors at the duty free gift shop at the Miami Airport are very selective as to whom I send blast emails to.

Once the costumes have been surgically derived, I shall wire $200,857,546,322.99 (always use .99 to make it look like a bargain). You will take the kiss collectors cards I included in your rump ranger action set and proceed to meating place c as described in the subcutaneal USB implant, remember I will always be watching, you will not see me, but I am there.

Once we complete the transaction I will have the golden key of hermaphrodite and you will have your religious snuff films and we can part ways or do the exact same thing only in reverse this time and see if takes the same amount of time.

This was a joke by the way, it's like one of those cute nigerian scams but it just goes in circles, do you find that kind of thing funny? You seem like a hapy go lucky guy!

I look forward to working with you in this mission James.

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